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Badges on Polywork are unique signifiers that appear on your profile page. Think about them as puzzle pieces, that when placed together, provide a more holistic representation of who you are.

You’ll have an opportunity to add badges during sign-up, but more can be added, created, or removed at any time. 

Our AI features are based on a combination of your badges, and work best if you have a good representation of who you are reflected in this portion of your page.


Creating a new badge:

  1. Select the Badges block in your editor
  2. Click Add new badge
  3. Search the term you’d like to add, if it doesn’t show, you can continue to the next step:
  4. Click “Create it here
  5. Pick the color and icon for your new badge
  6. Click Create
  7. The badge will be added to your profile and will be also available to other users to pick.