Disconnecting custom domain

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How to disconnect custom domains obtained outside Polywork

For custom domains purchased outside Polywork, please take the following steps to disconnect the domain from your account:


1. Visit your domain provider's settings and remove the connection from there.

2. After 48 hours, this connection will be removed from Polywork. 


How to disconnect custom domains obtained through Polywork

  1. Click on your profile image in the upper right corner
  2. Select Settings> Domain
  3. Click on Disconnect next to your custom domain name

  1. A confirmation message will appear to ask you whether you’d like to disconnect your domain
  2. Select Disconnect (again)


Please note that by disconnecting your domain your Polywork profile will no longer be accessible from your custom domain. 

Your domain autorenewal will not be canceled by this action. If you wish to cancel your autorenewal, please continue to this article.