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Think of Highlights as the “by the numbers” achievements that you’d like to showcase on your front page. It can be the number of times you spoke at a conference, launched a product, or created something you’d like to share with the community. 

How to add a Highlight

  1. Go to your editor and select Highlights block
  2. Click on Add New Highlight
  3. Select one of the suggested summaries or move your cursor in the “What would you like to display” field and type what you’d like to add
  4. Select the number of times you have done this by clicking on the number options or typing the number into the free text field
  5. (Optional) Edit the Description field to update what text would you like to see on your website
  6. Click Done


Pro-tip: Add different variations of how you want your Highlight to display by editing the Description field. 

Once you have added the number associated with your highlight, you can edit the description (e.g., “Years of team management” or “Languages spoken”). There are a number of ways you can use this feature to showcase your experience. See some examples below!