DNS management for Polywork purchased domains

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If you have purchased a custom domain through Polywork, you have the ability to manage your DNS settings.

To manage your DNS settings:

  1. Click on your profile image in the upper right corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Domain
  4. Click on the settings icon next to your domain
  5. Click Edit next to your DNS settings
  6. Click Add DNS Record

You can add the following DNS Records to your domain: "A", "AAAA", "CNAME", "MX", "SRV", “TXT”.

  • All records have a “hostname” field where you can add a subdomain: If you want the record to have a hostname without a subdomain (root domain), leave the field blank.
  • All records require a “data target” field to be filled. The format of the data target field is dependent on the DNS record Type.

Here are the different types of records you can add in your settings

A records -> IP address (IPv4) (ex:

AAAA records -> IP address (IPv6) (ex: 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1)

CNAME records -> Domain name (ex: example.com)

MX records -> Domain name (ex: mailhhost.example.com)

SRV records -> Domain name (ex: service.example.com)

TXT records -> Any text value (ex: this is some text)

MX and SRV records require additional data fields to be filled:

MX records

  • Priority field -> Integer (lower integers mean higher priority) (ex: 5)

SRV records

  •  Priority field -> Integer (lower integers mean higher priority) (ex: 5)
  •  Weight field  -> Integer (when multiple SRV records have the same priority, higher weight values increase the chance of being picked) (ex: 10)
  •  Port field -> TCP or UDP port value (ex: 443)

If your domain was purchased/registered/renewed with a discount/promo code, you will be unable to add “A”, “AAAA”, and “CNAME” DNS records which have a blank, or “www” subdomain for the hostname field. After your promotional period is over, you will be able to edit these fields.