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Highlights are the updates that you share on your Polywork page. They can be any professional or personal update you want to share with your network about something you’ve done or are currently working on—including starting a project, shipping a product, pushing new code live, giving a speech, speaking on a podcast, completing a training, finishing a book, landing a promotion, investing in a company, conducting a mentorship session, or anything else.

Highlights, unlike Posts, will show on your Polywork profile timeline and include Activity Tags.

Creating a Highlight

  1. Log in to Polywork
  2. Click on Highlight
  3. Compose your Highlight
  4. Pick an activity tag (you can choose none or many)
  5. Select a collaborator Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_3.48.37_PM.png
  6. Before you click Post, you can:
  • Turn comments on or off:


  • Select which position you want to associate this Highlight to Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_3.48.48_PM.png
  • Select what collection you want to add this Highlight to Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_3.48.52_PM.png
  • Upload an image Screen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_3.48.57_PM.png


You can always come back to your Highlight and edit it:

  1. ClickScreen_Shot_2021-10-26_at_3.35.55_PM.png on the right side of the Highlight
  2. Select Edit Highlight

Everything in a Highlight is editable, including collaborators, collections, positions, images, and the ability to toggle comments on/off.

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