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A custom domain is a website address that you can purchase from a domain registrar and then connect to your Polywork space. Once you connect your custom domain, the domain will replace the Polywork URL of your space with your own domain URL.


  1. Log in to your Polywork account
  2. Click on the profile image icon at the right top of the screen
  3. Click "Profile Settings"
  4. Click “Domain
  5. Scroll down
  6. Select your domain name provider that manages your DNS records from the drop-down

Note: If the provider is not on your list, select “Self

  1. Enter your domain name into the field under step 2
  2. We’ll generate your custom DNS target
  3. Use your custom DNS target to your Polywork profile to your domain

Troubleshooting tips:

If the custom domain isn't fully set up within 24 hours, we recycle the DNS Target/Heroku Value. So, in this case, you will need to delete any previously created records and regenerate a new DNS Target.


Regenerating a new DNS Target has a short workaround to make the text field under Step 2 editable again. 

  1. Under Step 1, select any other domain provider
  2. Reselect your domain provider or reselect "My provider isn’t here but I know what I’m doing"
  3. While the text field under Step 2 may still appear greyed out, it should now be editable
  4. Re-type your domain address 
  5. Click Save
  6. Confirm the DNS Target under Step 3 is new
  7. You will then need to go in and delete the record you created in the first attempt
  8. Follow the instructions in the general guide

After this is complete, it can take an hour or so to resolve. You may be issued a temporary SSL certificate before yours is finalized. This is totally normal. After a few hours check back to confirm it's either good to go or hasn't worked out.


For any additional issues, please reach out to support@polywork.com