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Opportunity posts enable you to look for others when you have an opportunity to offer. That could be beta testing your product, speaking on your podcast, reviewing your design projects, etc.

Before you post, please read through our tips on what should be included in your Opportunity.

  • Enter "Who you are looking for" + " What kind of opportunity is this" with Polywork categories - this will help us match you with the most relevant people
  • Make sure your profile page has been completed (full resume, profile image, description, links, and Highlights)
  • Use a title for your Opportunity that will describe your Opportunity accurately
  • Use gender-neutral words to foster inclusion
  • Make sure you have read our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines
  • While Polywork welcomes lightweight Opportunities, consider including basic details like the ones below as it may help the interested party to decide whether to contact you:
    • Is it a paid/unpaid opportunity?
    • Is it remote-friendly?
    • What skills are you looking for?
    • Is this Opportunity being offered by your company or does this Opportunity have to do with your side hustle?

1. Log in to Polywork

2. Click on Post in the upper right portion of the page


3. Select "I'm looking for collaborators"


3. Fill out the form

4. Click "Post"