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Availability posts enable you to share with your network what you’re open to collaborating on. In other words, what would you like to be part of. It’s the opposite of our Opportunity posts.

Before you post, please read through our tips on what should be included in your Availability.

  • Make sure your profile page has been completed (full resume, profile image, description, links, and Highlights)
  • Use a title for your Availability that will describe it briefly and accurately
  • Describe in as much detail as possible, what is it that you’d like to collaborate on
  • Make sure you have read our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

How do you post an Availability:

1. Log in to Polywork

2. Click on Post in the upper right portion of the page


2. Select “I'm open to collaborating


3. Fill out the form (below is an example) with a title, description, and a category



4. Click “Post