Installing the Polywork for Twitter Chrome Extension

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Please note that the extension will populate data from Polywork to Twitter profiles only if:

  1. The Twitter user also has Polywork profile. 
  2. Has connected their Polywork profile with their Twitter account.

How to install the extension

1. Make sure your Polywork profile and Twitter are connected.

2. Navigate to this link.

3. Click on Add to Chrome.


4. Confirm that you are adding the extension by clicking Add extension


(We don’t change any of your data, just the Twitter UI.)

5. A pop-up confirming that the extension has been added will show in the top right corner.


With the Polywork for Twitter browser extension,  you can turn Twitter into a collaborative professional network. Please note that the data may take a few seconds to load when you are on someone’s profile.

Wondering how to use the extension? Read this article!

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